2015年5月21日 星期四


1FSIMHamsterboy :the birth of a hero /Phill Simpson ; illustrated by Vincent Vigla.
2FLEVNot again! /Michael Leviton ; illustrated by Edwina White.
3FCOGDad's hat /Vicki Coghill ; illustrated by Stephen Michael King.
4FCLYEleanor's tree /Margaret Clyne, Rachel Griffiths ; illustrated by Janine Dawson.
5FANAThe torch runner /Dina Anastasio ; illustrated by Alex Morris.
6629.477WHILife in space /Helen Whitty, Kerrie Dougherty.
7FPELFamilies are different /Nina Pellegrini.
8551.555HOPWild weather :blizzards /Lorraine Jean Hopping ; illustrated by Jody Wheeler.
9599.2MACKoalas /Carolyn MacLulich.
10818.602BLEHere's a hint :a book of riddles /Wiley Blevins.
11FLANZoo goo /Kerri Lane ; illustrated by Dennis Juan Ma.
12FMOOBuddy, the first seeing eye dog /Eva Moore ; illustrated by Don Bolognese.
13914.21DAVMr Bean's guide to London /Fiona Davis.
14791.43092ABRChristopher Reeve /Philip Abraham.
15591.77BERDive! a book of deep-sea creatures /Melvin Berger.
16FMARGoldilocks and the three bears /James Marshall.
17FEARPatch /Kristin Earhart ; illustrated by Lisa Papp.
18398.21BACThe blind men and the elephant /Karen Backstein ; illustrated by Annie Mitra.
19FSALSecrets of old hanson house /Katherine Salle ; illustrated by Terry Wong.
20FCAMThe day of the purple cow /Richard Camden ; illustrated by Craig Phillips.
21393.30932MCCIn search of the mummy king /Sean McCollum.
22FLEVAnt attack! :based on Carl Stephenson's short story 'Leiningen versus the ants' /Michael Leviton ; illustrated by Craig Philips.
23FFELDear Gabi :advice from an expert on dating /Kim Feltes, Elsa Reyes ; illustrated by Alanna Cavanagh.
24FTRICock-a-doodle dance! /Christine Tricarico ; illustrated by Rich Deas.
25FMARThe rough-face girl /Rafe Martin ; illustrated by David Shannon.
26519.5GOLGreat estimations /Bruce Goldstone.
27FJOHWhat a princess! a bratty reality show /Jennifer Johnson ; illustrated by Liza Corbett.
28FANAAfter school /Dina Anastasio ; illustrated by Robert Casilla.
29782.421649RAMHip-hop heroes /Raphaella Ramirez.
30FGHIMookie is missing! /Carol Ghiglieri ; illustrated by Monika Melnychuck.
31FROLDumb dog /Anne-Maree Rolley ; illustrated by Janice Bowles.
32FLAGToo loud Lily /Sofie Laguna ; illustrated by Kerry Argent.
33FGRAThe Legend of sleepy hollow /Adam Grant.
34FNUMIf you give a mouse a cookie /Laura Joffe Numeroff ; illustrated by Felicia Bond.
35FLONFroggy's day with dad /Jonathan London ; illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz.
36FAHEDon't call me pruneface! /Janet Reed Ahearn ; illustrated by Drazen Kozjan.
37771.44WHIWhat's so funny /A. J. Whittier.
38951FRIChina /Mel Friedman.
39FFLOThe tricky rabbit :African-American trickster tales /Walt Flood ; illustrated by Nathan Jurevicius.
40FROLDon't-touch-me cat /Anne-Maree Rolley ; illustrated by Beth Norling.
41FNOBThe day Jimmy's boa ate the wash /Trinka Hakes Noble.
42918.11MARThe amazon /James Marlett.
43FTHAThe substitute teacher from the black lagoon /Mike Thaler ; illustrated by Jared D Lee.
44FMARThe three little pigs /James Marshall.
45FHOFBoundless Grace :sequel to Amazing Grace /Mary Hoffman ; illustrated by Caroline Binch.
46FAPTRide the whale :a surfer tall tale /Sunita Apte ; illustrated by Kyle Reed.
47FCRIEven Steven and Odd Todd /Kathryn Cristaldi ; illustrated by Henry B. Morehouse.
48FWATIt's a dog's life /Teresa Waters ; illustrated by Red Nose Studio.
49FLEVThe strangest stories from the weirdest school /Michael Leviton ; illustrated by Nathan Jurevicius.
50FCLYMidge and Emily /Margaret Clyne, Rachel Griffiths ; illustrated by Craig Smith.
51FPARSam Snoop and the mystery of the noisy racing car /John Parker ; illustrated by Matt Katz.
52597.3MACSharks /Carolyn MacLulich.
53FMUTStone soup /Jon J Muth.
54FOCHCats add up! /Dianne Ochiltree ; illustrated by Marcy Dunn Ramsey.
55FPETThe adventures of Tintin :the lost treasure /Stephanie Peters.
56591.3BLEWelcome to the world, ZooBorns! /Andrew Bleiman, Chris Eastland.
57551.553BLUTornado alley :where disaster always strikes /Jonathan Blum.
58FFLOThe mystery of the spotted band /Walt Flood ; illustrated by Craig Phillips.
59567.9ROBA dinosaur named Sue :the find of the century /Fay Robinson ; illustrated by Portia Sloan.
60FFELYou're on the air :advice from a radio talk show /Kim Feltes, Elsa Reyes ; illustrated by Grace Chen.
61FFLOThe patchwork quilt /Valerie Flournoy ; illustrated by Jerry Pinkney.
62FSCOLove, splat /Rob Scotton.
63FTHAMeatloaf monster from the school cafeteria /Mike Thaler ; illustrated by Jared D Lee.
64FWOOSilly Sally /Audrey Wood.
65629.04BUCThings that go! /James Buckley.
66FCANThe curse of the jungle treasure /Yanitzia Canetti, Debra Hess ; illustrated by Monika Melnychuk.
67FLEVBack from the dead! /Michael Leviton ; illustrated by Jim Nelson.
68614.5BROBeware of prairie dog! :a pet swap goes viral /Christen Brownlee.
69FMOSZin! zin! zin! :a violin /Lloyd Moss ; illustrated by Marjorie Priceman.
70FMCEThe lion's share /Matthew McElligott.
71FMUTZen shorts /Jon J Muth.
72FBARCloudy with a chance of meatballs /Judi Barrett ; illustrated by Ron Barrett.
73FBUESuperdog :the heart of a hero /Caralyn Buehner ; illustrated by Mark Buehner.
74FLONPirates don't change diapers /Melinda Long ; illustrated by David Shannon.
75796.323092PRESlam dunk :the story of Yao Ming /J. B. Prestone.
76FGALYummy boy /Ruth Gallogly ; illustrated by Lisa Henderling.
77FLAWA just reward /Barbara Lawson ; illustrated by Liz Callen.
78FSCIThe true story of the 3 little pigs! /Jon Scieszka ; illustrated by Lane Smith.
79FLEVThe strangest stories from the weirdest school /Michael Leviton ; illustrated by Nathan Jurevicius.
80FCOMThe runaway wok /Ying Chang Compestine ; illustrated by Sebastia Serra.
81FCHEThe great kapok tree :a tale of the Amazon rain forest /Lynne Cherry.
82741.5973ROBA cosmic comic /Trina Robbins ; illustrated by Audrey Carangelo.
83FHOWHoundsley and Catina and the quiet time /James Howe ; illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay.
84FGLEDestination :everest /Karen Glenn ; illustrated by Matt Collins.
85FBRISwan eggs /Sue Briggs-Pattison, Bev Harvey ; illustrated by Karen Briggs.
86FSOTIf the shoe fits /Gary Soto ; illustrated by Terry Widener.
87FHANSummer exchange /Julia Hanna ; illustrated by Chris Ciesiel.
88FFOOGuai wu :the Chinese elf /Adeline Foo ; illustrated by Christine Lim Simpson.
89FSTESylvester and the magic pebble /William Steig.
90641.696BLEWe eat bugs /Wiley Blevins.
91FROCThe case of the shrunken allowance /Joanne Rocklin ; illustrated by Cornelius Van Wright, Ying-Hwa Hu.
92FWISCrazy for chocolate /Frieda Wishinsky ; illustrated by Jack McRae.
93FYANWhere's broccoli? /Kelly Yang ; illustrated by Craig Stephens.
94428.6VOGRockets /Gregory Vogt.
95590HESBat boy and other strange creatures /Debra Hess.
96FLOBMing Lo moves the mountain /Arnold Lobel.
97FCLIThe Irish Cinderlad /Shirley Climo ; illustrated by Loretta Krupinski.
98FTAYIce age 3 :dawn of the dinosaurs /Nicole Taylor.
99FPOSRabbit tricks /Tina Posner ; illustrated by Liza Corbett.
100FPARAmelia Bedelia makes a friend /Herman Parish ; illustrated by Lynne Avril.
101599.772MASTravel-size pups :around the world /Ed Masessa.
102FCULSam and Jack /Sloan Culver ; illustrated by Steve Molloy.
103031.02CARHow unusual! /Audrey Carangelo.